What to Know About Wireless Home Security and Wi-Fi Jammers

It is not hard to find reasons to be worried about the effectiveness of your wireless home security system. If you are willing to look hard enough, you will find flaws. One such flaw is a natural susceptibility to Wi-Fi jammers. They are out there, and criminals can use jammers to render a wireless security system useless.

With that said, there is no reason to panic. Although Wi-Fi jammers exist, the number of burglaries committed using such devices is relatively small. Most burglars do not go to that extent. Only the most sophisticated burglars targeting the most expensive properties invest in Wi-Fi jammers.

Something else to consider is that there is no such thing as a foolproof security system. Even the best system on the market cannot stop a determined burglar. That is not the point anyway. Home security is intended to slow burglars down and generate evidence. The fact that home security systems deter all but the most aggressive burglars is an added bonus.

The Wi-Fi Component

Wireless home security systems can take advantage of different types of wireless protocols to transmit and receive signals. Wi-Fi is by far the most popular. It is effective, easy to use, and offers considerable range.

Wi-Fi is the preferred protocol for connecting wireless video cameras to a home security hub. It is the preferred protocol for smart lighting, smart door locks, and even video doorbells. So if a criminal were to approach a home armed with a wireless security system and attack it with a Wi-Fi jammer, system devices wouldn’t be able to communicate with the hub.

Not the End of the World

Obviously, a Wi-Fi jammer bringing down a wireless security system would not be ideal. But it is also not the end of the world. According to Vivint Smart Home, some wireless cameras continue to record – even if just for a short time – should Wi-Fi go down. Not only that, but an exterior camera is also likely to capture images of an approaching burglar before the Wi-Fi jammer is deployed.

Jamming Wi-Fi would not prevent a smart lock from staying locked. It wouldn’t suddenly make doors and windows vulnerable. What you are really talking about is interrupting live video feeds and preventing window and door sensors from communicating with a security system hub.

There Are Options

If Wi-Fi jamming is something that concerns you, there are workaround options. The easiest and most effective is to install a wired security system instead of going wireless. Another option is to elect a system that will send you an alert whenever Wi-Fi goes down. Getting alert gives you an opportunity to contact a neighbor and ask that she check on your house.

Yet another option is to avoid Wi-Fi altogether. Look for a wireless home security system that uses another protocol. Just be aware that jammers for those other protocols could eventually show up. It comes with a territory when you’re talking about wireless home security.

Not a Slight on Home Security Systems

An appropriate way to close this post is to say that Wi-Fi jammers do not represent a slight on home security systems. Again, there is no such thing as a foolproof security system. Every security strategy you implement has a weakness. If a burglar finds that weakness, he has an advantage.

Despite the existence of Wi-Fi jammers, they are not the norm among burglars. Wireless home security is still a good investment especially when it’s paired with 24/7 professional monitoring. Home security is one of the most effective ways to deter burglars who aren’t determined enough to risk getting caught.

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